Working as a theatre director my job is to unify and synthesise all the artistic elements of a performance. These elements may be music, physical images, puppetry, text, improvisation, digital media and a range of performers.

From a performance in a domestic living room to a large scale event on a pier, I am skilled at creating theatre that is powerful, cohesive, surprising, satisfying, and that tells a story with heart.

  Working on 'Mantalk' for Melbourne Fringe and Melbourne International Festival with Neil Thomas and David Wells

Working on 'Mantalk' for Melbourne Fringe and Melbourne International Festival with Neil Thomas and David Wells



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Quotes from reviews:

The Concert

" The satire and caricature is gentle and subtle, suggesting, as the best clowning does, that these men are sadly but mercifully oblivious to their many inadequacies... ...The Concert is a show at the high-quality end of the Comedy Festival - a real treat."

Helen Thomson, The Age 1/4/03

The Corridor

“Merophie Carr has carefully built the performance (of The Corridor), carefully balancing the ebb and flow of energy. It is delicate, intimate, yet also inclusive, embracing the audience rather than positioning them passively…. It played to a packed house and the audience definitely left the richer for the experience. It deserves a more substantial run......It becomes our experience also, expanding our emotional vocabulary – something that art at its best should do." 

Hillary Crampton, The Age 27/2/06


"It's a dialogue about what it means to be a man (without the New Age chest-thumping the phrase usually connotes) that ripples with gently surreal comedy and sincere emotion.....

Directors Merophie Carr and Thalia Thomas have achieved a flow as natural as pub talk. The chat is so free-wheeling and alive it's hard to tell where the script ends and improvisation begins."

Cameron Woodhead, The Age 2/10/06

Die Roten Punkte

"Complete with bad German accents, amateurish guitar thrashing and drum bashing, they’re a crazy mix of early ‘80s bands such as Nena, who made the hit 99 Luftballons and Sigue Sigue Sputnick, with Iggy Pop-esque posing from Otto, Bjork attitude from Astrid, and some truly awful angst-ridden songs. The parody is well observed, the sulky sibling dynamics wonderfully awkward, and the level of self-delusion spot-on."

Tim Hunter The Age 3/10/06

Hungry for You

"This visually stunning and sophisticated piece of story-telling blends actors, shadow and bunraku puppetry, live cooking, and projections to take us into the world of glamorous celebrity chef and food artist extraordinaire Pippa Corelli…..

The set, puppets and design of Ros Wren are inspiring, the rice paper body lit from the inside an absolute vision on stage. Along with the satirical film clips, cooking cams and atmospheric lighting from Jason James, they together create a crisp and lush aesthetic for the whole piece. This slides seamlessly from the designer-kitchen fun of TV-world into the viscerality of laboratory-land and finally to the gothic black-mass meditation of the last scene. Hungry for You is brave and challenging, it’s full of surprises, floating in my memory and leaving me thinking long after I have left the theatre."

Gai Anderson, Write Response, 4/12/2012